The Barnes Company

Commitment to Buyers...

First-time buyer?  Searching for your dream home? Not completely sure what you’re looking for?  We believe in complete, open communication on all aspects of the real estate transaction.

Recommendations are always supported with details, pros, and cons, and in-person meetings are scheduled at critical decision points.


You will have our full, undivided attention whenever we are talking on the phone or working together.


We will always demonstrate a high degree of skill, knowledge, and character throughout our relationship.

Things to Consider when Purchasing a Home:

  • Pick an Experienced Realtor

  • Third Party Home Inspection

  • Surveys

  • Termite Inspection

  • Radon Test

  • Lead Base Paint Assessment

  • Lead Base Paint Booklet (showing  dangers)

  • Septic Inspection

  • Well Water Inspection

  • Driveway Agreements

  • Title Insurance

  • Finding the Lowest Interest Rate and Closing Cost

  • Home Warranty

  • Mold Inspection

  • Title companies

  • Mineral Convenience Rights 

  • What to offer

  • Market Knowledge

  • Buyers Agency Agreement

The Barnes Company Agents will personally take care of all of the above with your best interest in mind.