Commitment to Sellers...

We will always be open and honest in all aspects of our working relationship.  We will never attempt to obtain a listing agreement by misrepresenting the value of your property, nor will we mislead you into accepting less or paying more for a property than what we believe is fair market value.


Knowledge is critical to success, and through our experience, research and support network, we will ensure you have all that is needed to make well-informed decisions.



First appearances make an impression!

  • Remove all clutter; (things you don’t use on a daily basis.)

  • Clear off all countertops in kitchen & baths.

  • Make countertops, sinks & appliances sparkle.

  • Have beds neatly made.

  • Have all clothing articles either in a drawer or closet.

  • Remove pets & pet bowls for showings.

  • Vacuum carpets.

  • Box up any items you don’t use. (You will need that to move anyway). Store in garage or storage unit.

Home Warranties:

A Home Warranty covers electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and appliances during the term of your listing.  You will pay a deductible of $60 to $75 when an item is repaired or replaced but you only pay the premium the day we close on your property. 


Home Warranties range in price from $475 to $580.  The home warranty then covers the buyer for one full year and the buyer pays the deductible after closing. Nationally homes with warranties sell faster and closer to list price than homes without a warranty, ensuring buyers against any sudden problems/expenses.  The home warranty companies are on call 24 hours 7 days a week.  For information contact us.